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An Independent Movie

By Gavin W. || Read more at Rocketpack

Hey kids! Ever wonder how an independent movie is made?
Read on to find out...

First, the Producer realizes he has run out of money and will need to get some more


He then commissions the writer to write a screenplay in 29 days


The writer procrastinates for the next 28 days whilst he watches Dr. Phil, Oprah and takes frequent naps


On the 29th day, he hurriedly writes the script. He then gives it to the Producer


A happy Producer then tells the Director to go direct this new screenplay


The Director then auditions dozens of potential actors. Only the most talented actors are selected.

The crew then comes in to start filming. The crew can be grouchy and sometimes may even belong to a union, so the actors try very hard not to get them upset by making mistakes


After filming ends, the Editor then takes the raw film and works out all his aggressions


After the movie is made, everyone involved has a big party


It's at this point that the Producer thanks everyone for working on this movie for free. He tries not to giggle to himself when he says this


The movie opens, and the Producer counts his money


The producer then spends his money on cheap wine and women, until he runs out of money, and the cycle repeats again...


Copyright 2004 Gavin Williams