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Ode to



By Raymi

Percocet, how I love you Ė you make everything ok and clear and stop me from wanting to kill myself and the world.

Percodan, ooooh Percodan you are my friend.

Lorazepam, Lorazepam you put me in a coma and burn the inside of my nostrils when I sniff you like cocaine.

Adderall, you make me smart and focused and jittery and keep me awake for hours and hours until the sun comes up and everyone else has already gone to sleep like normal people.

Vicodin I love you with beer and you make me want to throw things off the roof.

You too, Tylenol 3.

Percocet, I popped you quite a bit, you helped me quit drinking but then I just got wicked addicted to you and I think youíll screw up my brains long-term.

Lorazepam, you just make me more depressed than I was from the start.

Klonopin, you put me in a fuzzy wuzzy warm place and I wanted to mouthfuck the world.

Adderall, remember that time I took you then drank a lot and I got all wobbly when I was singing karaoke in front of all my fucked-up friends and I didnít know why Ė but it was you, you all along, you were right there with me and then I drank some more and eventually took half a hit of ecstasy and thatís when shit got weird.

Percodan, Percodan I use to steal you from people with prescriptions and then mix you with my coke and beer and one time I did so much I thought I was having a heart attack so I thought I might take a Valium but then I didnít so I stayed up all fucking night long in the dark, on my bedroom floor waiting for the moment I would stop breathing.

Fuck that was scary.

Percodan, I was a monster without you but now I am somewhat normal, possibly more screwed-up but now I think Iíll just go on anti-depressants instead of hanging with people who have coke all the time.

You are all not meant for me, but for a short while, I thought you were.

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