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How to be a slut
By Raymi the minx  |  Read more articles at Rocketpack


I live each day as if I am about to get laid at any given moment.  I dress each morning for sexcess.  I am not a prostitute, a player or nymphomaniac.  Most times I won’t even get off.  Sex is what I know and do best.  I make it work in my favour.  Anyone can do it. There is no right or wrong way to go about working the circuit.  However, you must have your own style and stick to the program.  You feed off vibes and body language and eventually become a walking streak of sex.  All eyes on you.  That’s why I do it.

It has nothing to do with the free drinks and bottomless champagne or the coke buffet and lavish meals of which you never see the check.

It’s your guarantee of a good time.  Your dirty little secret.

Here is how I do it.

I never go to the same bar more than twice in two weeks.  You must maintain a sense of mystery.  Overtime you become a familiar face but never ever a barfly – the girl who frequents the same place for security and spends two hours chatting up the bartender who in-turn responds only because he is thinking of his tip.  You become the girl everyone thinks they’ve seen before, but can’t pin down exactly where or when.

I talk to anyone and everyone because I do not harbour a nervous bone in my body.  I scream my order for a cosmo over the music, stare my match in the face and tell him he’s paying for it.  I don’t say hello, I say, “Are you buying me a drink or what?”

In the beginning it is important to look approachable.  You draw him in because he is comfortable and you appear to be non-threatening.  A few drinks later he can’t believe his luck.  This is when you throw the cards on the table – let him know who he’s dealin’ with.  You are not the girl-next-door he initially thought….

You’re the girl who’s going to sit on his face.  Moan down his throat.  Break the headboard.  And you are never going to call him again.  Ever.

It is not of proper etiquette to ask whether or not the guy is married/committed.  The last thing you want is to wind up talking about his love-crisis for the remainder of the evening.  You can touch briefly upon the subject, be sympathetic, then re-direct the flow of conversation to the
nape of your neck.

Never take him back to your apartment.  We don’t want another stalker to add to the list.  When you go ‘round to his place it’s you who does the leaving, and he must be well aware that it is possible you may leave him at any point and THIS is why he likes you.  He is not sure if he wants a one-nite stand with you or a several month-long fling.  He is confused and this again, works in your favour.  If it is not possible for you to go to his place, suggest a hotel.  If he cheaps out on the idea, this is where you say goodbye.  Goodbye.

When you bump into one of your Johns again - don’t panic.  He is on YOUR territory, where YOU feel most comfortable.  In fact, he thought he’d never see you again.  You walk over, martini in-hand, smile, pretend to be interested in the conversation running between him and his friend, get him to light your cigarette, wink, then leave.  The second you are out of earshot he’s blabbing to his pal about how you were the first girl to ever fuck-and-bail on him.  This guy respects you so you have no reason to feel intimidated by him.  You don’t have to worry about a guy reacting to your coldness in a threatening manner because you have the intuitiveness to suss the psychopaths out from the harmless Johns in the first place.

Try not to push the envelope too much in the party scene.  You never become the drunken party slut and you do not want to get all burnt-out and have psychological issues afterward.  Fucking around is not for everyone. Given that, don’t make yourself into something you know in your gut, you can’t handle being.  Playing this game should come off as easy and as naturally as breathing.  Think of “working the circuit” as being the hostess of a party – if done right, the outcome works itself into being mutually satisfying for you AND your John.  

And no one gets hurt.


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