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Who Loves Ya, Baby?

It's easy to hate. All we need to do is find a group of people who are somehow different from us, and start blaming them for it. It is nothing to be ashamed of; every civilization has been doing it since we realized 'civility' could be measured on a sliding scale.

How to make an independent movie
Hey kids! Ever wonder how an independent movie is made? It's easier than you think!

Excellent Advice from a Madman
"Alone and naked, man is weak and fragile. But give him a long metal bar, and self confidence won't be a problem."

Advice for those starting College or University
College can be an exciting and scary time in a person's life. If you're feeling overwhelmed, feel free to take this handy advice...

Icons in History: The Unlikely Feminist
While being born at just the right time for the feminist movement of the early 1900s, Katana Rolands  was perhaps better suited for the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Natures Wrath: Canadian Wildlife
Canada is a diverse nation of animals that hate humans.

Five ways to waste time
Get up and get lazy.

Who Will Win Part 3
Who will survive in any evenly matched confrontation?

Who Will Win Part 2
Who will survive in an evenly matched confrontation?

Who Will Win? Part 1
Play our new game! Who will survive a given confrontation?

The Web Stress
Feeling stressed? Find out who to blame.

Hadrian's Quotable Quotes
Hadrian would like to talk now.

Survivor Application
Applying for reality televisions shows: a new reality craze?

Getting Rams to Smoke
Why are animals so cool?

Spider Show
Who could love a spider?